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Why is our Carbon Footprint important?

Our carbon footprint is measured by the carbon dioxide (CO2) we generate in our daily lives. This gas causes the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, trapping the sun's rays and causing the temperature to rise globally.

By taking measures to reduce our CO2 emissions we will help to protect biodiversity and fight climate change.


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See how nature is directly affected by our actions, calculate your carbon footprint to take more effective action


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When you do your calculation, you will receive simple tips to reduce your impact on the environment and be more sustainable


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Create or participate in channels with your classmates and friends. Reducing our carbon footprint to protect our environment is a challenge for all of us.


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It is time to stop the consequences that climate change causes on the Earth every year


temperature increase


polar thaw

+3,3 mm

rising sea levels

+400 ppm

CO2 in the atmosphere

Education and commitment to the Earth

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Do you know your weekly Carbon Footprint?

Thanks to this App you will be able to know what actions we must incorporate into our daily lives to reduce our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, reducing pollution and stopping the devastation of the environment's resources, preserving the flora and fauna of natural ecosystems.

This game helps you understand in an interactive way the beneficial impact that reducing our emission of greenhouse gases can have on the natural environment around us.

In our daily lives we make hundreds of decisions that can make a big difference to our impact on nature. With this App you can calculate your Carbon Footprint on a weekly basis and take action to create a more sustainable world!

Our Carbon Footprint is measured by the greenhouse gases we generate through our actions. These gases cause temperatures to rise globally, resulting in the loss of biodiversity in oceans and terrestrial ecosystems.

Therefore, every small action is important to combat climate change, incorporating small habits into our daily routines such as recycling, using low energy systems or using public transport can make a big difference to the environment.

Start today and find out what you can do to make a better planet!

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Start today and find out what you can do to make a better planet!